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18. I’m afraid of public toilets

Seriously….I am.

They are germ infested and usually covered in pee and smell really bad. What scares me the most about them is the flush. If I’m in a public restroom and there are other people flushing the toilet, I’m fine. But if I use a public restroom that’s only one toilet, I usually do my business, wash my hands, then cover my ears and flush the toilet. Don’t know why, but that really scares the crap out of me.

17. I like to rip off my toenails

……………….for real. I do. I don’t know why. It hurts like hell. But its just something I do.

I figured out the answer

I’m jealous of all my friends. I’m not as awesome as they are. I have no kind of talent. That’s why I don’t have any really.

And then my jealousy turns to hatred.

And I hate them all.

16. I never wear jewelery

Except for a ring that is always on my left pinky finger, my navel and tongue piercing, and my ear piercings, I don’t like wearing jewelery.

I don’t know…I feel like its too much. That and I don’t know how to accessorize. But yea, I got choked by someone when I was younger, so anything around my neck bothers me. I don’t like wearing rings (besides my pink one) cause I feel they get in the way. Bracelets just don’t cut it I guess. So yea, my outfits are left pretty bare when I get dressed up.

15. I hate bugs

And when I say bugs….I mean cockroaches.

See….any other bug, I’ll become fascinated and maybe poke it with a stick, get as close as I can, maybe even research it. But a cockroach….even seeing it being a glass at the zoo freaks me out. There is currently a dead cockroach on my floor and I make a really big loop around it to avoid it. They are nasty, ugly, and just down right scary.

14. I am obssessed with staying skinny.

I think I will cry if I ever way more than 120lbs. Thank you media.

13. My favorite color is pink

And I’m a little obsessive over it. I will buy anything that is pink, I will gravitate towards something that is pink, I will play favoritism over pink. I don’t know….pink is just an awesome color and makes me feel really good.

12. I am afraid of the dark

So yea…a lot of people are afraid of the dark. Its a common phobia. But its not like I’m a little kid and I’m just afraid of the dark.

I’m afraid of the dark dark.

I’m talking about that complete darkness where you can’t even see your hand when you wave it in front of your face. I panic, I hear things, I freak out, I cry, I scream, etc. I can’t be in darkness like that.

11. I want a baby!!!!!!

My clock went of when I was 22. I’ve been wanting a baby for 3 years now.

No…I don’t want a baby because I know it’ll be cute and I can dress it up.

I want a baby because I want someone who will love me and rely on me to take care of them. I want that innocent love from someone who doesn’t care about me being black, or into lolita, etc. I just want to hear that little voice everyday say “I love you mommy.”

10. I have an Asian boyfriend.

My followers should know this seeing as how I do post pictures of him. But lets get this straight:

I am not some weaboo girl who sought out to date an Asian boy in hopes to be more “Asian” myself.

Truthfully, Brandon is the first (and only) Asian boy I have ever dated. I date 2 black guys when I was way younger, and 2 white guys after moving to Arizona. I never went to the “Asian” part of town and tried to scout out a boyfriend. Brandon and I just so happened. And I’m happy that we did. I don’t see him as my Asian boyfriend. I see him as the best boyfriend I have ever had in my life.

9. I am a cutter

Yep. You read right.

Cut myself for the first time when I was 15. It falls in line with fact number 7. And the sad thing is that I still do it to this day. Why??? Well… helps with the thoughts of suicide. The pain brings me back and helps me think more clearly.

100 random facts about me

Just to let my followers know, I won’t be posting many random “funny” facts; I want people to know me for me and in order to do that, I gotta spill the beans. So don’t think I’m saying certain things to gain attention. This is just how I am.